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• At Johnson Cams the focus is on developing horsepower in a balanced and reliable package. Computer design and simulation programs, extensive flow bench and dynamometer testing, and current technology and materials are combined with many years of hands-on competition experience to provide user-friendly power!                                      

• We are also vintage specialists, serving the street rider, racer, and restoration specialist alike- from basic head services, such as valve jobs to keep your old British and European Iron on the road, to total performance modifications and modern camshaft design to keep you at the front of the pack on race day!!!

• We use computer design and simulation programs, modern materials and techniques, and seventy-plus years of competition experience- To teach old dogs new tricks

• Owner Keith Johnson has been involved in motorsports for some 45 years, and spent 8 of those years in professional AMA racing. Five of those years were spent in the midwest, riding BSAs, Harleys, and Nortons on the half-mile tracks. Keith is a journeyman welder and a master machinist. He holds a patent for the high-temperature vacuum probe- a specialty item used in the aerospace industry. His other company, J and M Rifleworks, is currently engaged in the manufacture of various items used in the aerospace industry.   

• Unable to find anyone to make camshafts to his specifications, Keith purchased a cam grinding machine and set out to learn cam design and manufacture. Johnson Cams opened for business in 1994


Paul Herman riding for Steve Berg EnterprisesOn his Johnson Cams and cylinder heads equipped Triumph 750 


Also mounted on a Steve Berg Enterprises Triumph 750 #63Y Ken Thibaud And the first outing of the "X-1" model!

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